School of Hard Knocks runs courses that use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, antisocial behaviour, crime and health. The charity has an expert team of coaches and mentors and is supported by a wide range of high profile individuals from within and outside sport. Our work has been documented multiple times by Sky Sports since 2007 and has grown into one of the most effective and high profile courses in the UK, working with some of the most hard to reach individuals in our society.

We run courses nationwide, using our unique programme of challenging activities and values-based lessons to help participants take positive steps forward in their lives. We teach responsibility, motivation, teamwork, respect and discipline, all of which allow individuals to take responsibility for their actions and context. Our programmes are delivered to young children, teenagers and adults, with extra skills-based lessons tailored to the participants and their requirements.

UnderArmour has been supplying top quality kit to the School of Hard Knocks for its work with children and adults across the UK since January 2015.  The partnership has also benefitted from mutual ambassador Scott Quinnell, who represents both UnderArmour and School of Hard Knocks throughout his work in rugby and beyond.